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About us

The Investment Society was founded in 2003 by a group of students keen to share their knowledge of investing. The key focus of our society remains to build the knowledge and skills of our members, enabling them to realise their potential and career ambitions in the areas of investment and finance.

Since its founding, the Investment Society has grown to become one of the largest and most active societies on-campus. Our membership base for the last academic year was over 2,200 students and consists of members from all nationalities, genders and ethnic backgrounds. We strongly believe that we have the most diverse society on campus.

We organise over 50 events a year for our members, including networking sessions, lectures from senior figures, trading exercises, competitions and skills sessions.


The LSE SU Investment Society offers a large base of members with an even split in gender, an equal distribution among the student body both in terms of year of study represented as well as academic departments. This diversity of students in the Investment Society allows for fresh, dynamic discussions thanks to the multitude of perspectives our members provide. Sponsoring the Investment Society is gaining access to a talented pool of incredibly multicultural individuals.

Quantitative Degrees

  • Economics30%
  • Accounting20%
  • Mathematics20%
  • Statistics15%
  • Finance10%
  • Others5%

Non-Quantitative Degrees

  • Philosophy25%
  • Geography20%
  • Government20%
  • Social Policy10%
  • Economic History10%
  • Law10%
  • Other5%




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2nd year



3rd year