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Investment Fund

Collective Investment

The Investment Fund is a project whose focus is to develop the skills of our members in an environment which closely mirrors the real world they will soon be joining.

The Society runs three virtual USD$10M portfolios of stocks invested in long strategies across sectors and indices internationally. The fund meets weekly to discuss our strategy, potential investments or divestment, and developments in global stock markets. Every quarter, we publish our analyst reports and stock picks on our website and now, as of 2015, will be using the platform developed by the Macro Research Group to provide a more holistic evaluation of the fund’s performance over the academic year. These reports include a combination of fundamental and technical analysis; evaluating relative benchmark returns, Sharpe ratios, changes to our portfolio and our views on market direction for the upcoming quarter.


Modelling Course

The M&A Course is a 2015 initiative launched by the Investment Society to cover M&A basics for LSE students going into spring or summer internships in investment banks. Keen students are taught by LSE alumni now in the industry in small groups of 10 to 20 students on a bi-weekly basis during 2 to 3 hour-long sessions essential knowledge and techniques alumni acquired through their experiences.

The LSE SU Investment Society’s M&A Course provides technical knowledge for students but also commercial awareness and general financial knowledge to students through the real-life examples and case studies worked through in the sessions.

Macro Research


The Macro Research group is a new division within the Investment Society, founded in September 2014, which is composed of high performing students with keen interests in macroeconomics, financial markets and investment research.

A core group of 15 members produce weekly bulletins, which analyse the forces driving markets and offer views on potential investment opportunities. These weekly efforts then culminate at the beginning of each year with the release of the group’s flagship publication, ‘Perspectives’, which is an annual journal that features in-depth analysis of longer term macroeconomic themes.



The Investment Society’s Portfolio Challenge gives students the opportunity to test their investing and trading skills against their peers from all across the UK on an Investopedia platform. In its inception last year 200 students participated from nine different universities, with the winning student achieving a 36% return over the five-week competition period.

Following the main competition our leading investors came to the LSE campus to share their which strategies they followed with other students. With our marketing efforts expanding rapidly we firmly believe that the Portfolio challenge will grow exponentially in the coming years. As this happens our membership base will continue to spread beyond the immediate student body, increasing the Investment Society’s profile.