APA Careers

LSE SU Investment Society

What is APACareers?


APACareers is committed to promoting LSE students’ understanding of the Asia-Pacific financial trends as well as the career opportunities in finance there. We also help interested students in building the skills required for various financial roles in Asia. Through our selective Exposure programme, we give competent participants the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities and motivation to Asian employers while immersing themselves in the workplaces of financial firms in the region. Further details of the programme will be released as soon as possible.

Jackson Yip


Karim Tam


Xavier Ma

Deputy Head

Cameron Sit

Deputy Head

How are we organised?

We hope to equip students with the essential skills of a successful career through our 3 teams: Asian Connections, Careers and Research. Asian Connections members are responsible for building up connections with Asian employers to promote opportunities to students; Careers members are responsible for collecting career intelligence to help students develop the relevant skills; and Research members are tasked with analysing financial trends in the Asian markets to equip students with an informed perspective of the region’s opportunities. Sub-committee members will be recruited into one of these teams based on their strengths and interest. The idea is that sub-committee members contribute to a pool of knowledge or a network of connections. In return, they benefit from the events we organize, including career panels, assessment trainings, education sessions about the Asian financial markets as well as our flagship Exposure programme.

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