Career Mentorship

LSE SU Investment Society

The Career Mentorship Programme aims to provide peer to peer support for LSE student interested in a career in finance. There are two main ways in which we achieve this:


1. MENTOR-MENTEE GUIDANCE: Seniors with internship experience from top banks will be personally guiding you and answering any queries regarding CV, cover letters and interviews.

2. EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM: We run a 11 week educational program with 1 session per week to help you familiarize yourself with knowledge vital to kick start your career. These range from CV, cover letter workshops to Investment Banking Technicals and Panel discussions with alumnis. The program is also designed to cater to different roles in finance, whether that be Investment Banking or Sales & Trading.


For the 2018/2019 academic year, the career mentorship programme will be organised by: Directors – Eric Tay, Anjana Gundala Deputy Director – Charlotte Ong