LSE SU Investment Society

The LSESU Investment Society’s MacroVenture is dedicated to real, impactful investments that are driving the world to a more sustainable future.

Throughout the academic year, we host a series of events with industry-leading investment professionals to help you understand the ins and outs of socially responsible investing, impact investing and environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations for investors. From smart cities and renewable energy to foreign aid and fair trade practices, we want to show how real investment can increase prosperity, spark sustainable innovations and work hard for our collective future.

Lara-Marie Rausch

Head of MacroVenture

Lucy Freibusch

External Affairs Manager

Zuzanna Palion

External Affairs Manager

Polina Li

External Affairs Manager

David Abadir

PR and Marketing Manager

Under the umbrella of sustainable investing, we look at a broad variety of financing options – including infrastructure finance, emerging market and development finance and green finance. We also endeavor to contextualise our events, and discuss the influence of global economic and political trends on investment decisions. Moreover, we will always look to both the direct and indirect beneficiaries of sustainable or impact investment. Ultimately, there are myriad ways that increasingly aware investment can impact all of us – and the communities, economies, and ecosystems we exist within – for the better.

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