Women’s Advancement venture

The Women’s Advancement venture is designed to support, inspire and celebrate women considering work in the financial services. We help LSE students prepare themselves for work in male-dominated industries. The initiative looks to inform and equip women for the realities and challenges they might face after leaving the LSE. Ultimately, we aim to set women up to succeed. In an ideal world, women’s gender would bear no relevance to their performance, confidence and perception in and around work. That is a world we want and wish for, but, as long as obstacles remain, the Women’s Advancement Venture holds an important place at the LSE.

Investment Banking Conference

The LSESU Investment Banking Conference is EMEA's largest student run conference on the investment banking industry. It is the perfect opportunity for students looking to break into this highly competitive industry to connect and develop a network for the future. Held annually and in its 7th year running, IBC is back, bigger and better. The one-day conference will feature speeches and panel discussions by executives in the industry, as well as valuation and modeling workshops and a networking session, catered for students of all backgrounds and levels of experience. With an exciting array of speakers and workshops to look forward to, whilst being one of the most competitively priced conference, we are confident that this year's conference will be the biggest and highest quality conference yet.

Investment Fund

The Investment Fund is a dedicated group of LSE students who evaluate stocks in every major market and sector around the world. We embody an actual investment firm and use rigorous analysis and debate to make decisions on whether to buy or short a stock. Members can expect to learn how to value a company using proper valuation techniques, discover how businesses strategize within the market, and meet professionals working at top investment and banking firms. A huge part of the member experience is meeting others and connecting with like-minded peers — not only does the fund constantly host social events, but throughout the entire year you will be working closely within a small team to complete projects and create stock pitches. Ultimately, if you’re interested in how businesses operate, how investments are made, and meeting unique people, then the Investment Fund is for you.

Macro Research Group

The MRG is the research arm of the Investment Society that publishes the Society’s flagship magazine, Perspectives. The Magazine’s name reflects the MRG’s goal to provide a unique view on the different asset classes and the markets, as it is written entirely by students, differentiating itself from typical analyst reports sourced from an investment banking firm or a research house. Perspectives is formed to help the reader (investor) understand the MRG’s House View on the markets that is generated every month, through top-down research articles covering industries and macro-trends, to bottom-up articles covering individual societies. Perspectives is also aimed at being at the forefront of the industry, adopting new research methods in its analysis and also informing readers of the latest developments in the industry through the “Smart” column.

Private Equity Group

The Private Equity group has two main functions: to give students an insight into the private equity industry, and to give them access to industry professionals to build their networks. Private equity is a highly prestigious and often secretive sector of the financial world. We want to demystify it through panels, networking events and skills workshops that will take place throughout the year. Look out for our ‘Introduction to Private Equity’ event taking place later this term – and if you want to get involved in organizing these events, feel free to send us a message! We could always use the help and it’ll look great on your CV.

Venture Capital

Venture Capital involves risky financing into start- ups and small companies. These firms receive equity in the companies they invest and so play a significant role in company decisions. In return for such high risk, venture capitalists are hoping for substantial returns (up to 5 to 10x initial investment). Examples of firms in which venture capital firms have financed are Uber, Airbnb and Xiaomi. In our society, we aim to spread more information about this niche area of investment whilst allowing you to network with professionals from local venture capital funds. You can even develop your commercial awareness and your analytical and communication skills through our VC Research branch.

Career Mentorship Programme

The career mentorship programme aims to provide personalised career support for Freshers. Those successfully selected into the mentoring group will be mentored by a senior LSE student who has previous experience in Spring/ Summer Internships. The mentees will have several opportunities to grow their professional network as they will be invited to regular social events to build relationships with other mentors and mentees. There will also be online career forums based on the participants’ personal interests (e.g Banking, Consultancy, etc). Mentors with relevant experience will be able to answer questions raised by mentees in each group. So, if you’re unsure about how to start your career and would like someone to guide you through it, be sure to apply to the Investment’s Society’s Career Mentorship Programme!

Financial Careers Asia

With the emergence of Asian economies in recent years, job opportunities in Asia are becoming increasingly attractive, especially those in the finance industry. The growth potential and benefits of working in Asia are evident and we wish to promote Asia as a career destination for students in LSE, be it for internships or graduate positions. As a division, we seek to organize events for students to learn more about the working environment in Asia as well as the vast job opportunities. We believe that by providing greater exposure, we can promote more students to work in Asia beyond the Asian community in LSE.

Value Investing Club

The Value Investing Club is an exclusive activity of the LSE Investment Society. The Club is a platform for the brightest and most inquisitive minds within the society to share their ideas on security selection, focusing mainly on a unique and modern take on the value approach that is more applicable to the markets today. Members are invited to participate from other activities of the society, rather than externally recruited. Participating in this venture will allow you to explore how the value approach to investing is still relevant today, and how technology and new innovative techniques can be useful to a value investor. Also, the value investing club is capped to a limited amount of members to ensure that the selected members actively participate and share their ideas in more intricate details.